$88 30min add-on Intuitive Tarot Reading

This is for those who would like to extend their current reading, while still in session.



Please Book Your Appointment Below to receive an additional 1/2 hr Phone Reading.

With Unconditional Love

Note: This is a general reading.  If you would like a concentration on Love, Soulmate or Sacred Divine Partner aka”Twin Flame”, please choose the appropriate reading.

Please note***There is a zero refund policy***** If you miss your appointment or cancel at the last minute there will be no refund, as there are no reschedules.

Be realistic with your readings and DO NOT make it into what you want. This is strictly for entertainment purposes only and is by NO means a way to ignore medical/doctor substitutions, legal or safety purposes. If you feel your life is in danger, call the police and get to safety immediately. By purchasing a reading from us you understand and agree you are responsible for your actions, you take ownership of your life, as it is FREE WILL. You agree that you are purchasing advice only and NOT medical or legal advice.

If you become combative, verbally abusive, make threats towards any of our staff, your services will be terminated immediately without a refund and will not be allowed to charge-back the service or claim fraud on the item.


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