Marlana “aka” High Priestess Marlana, Founder
Marlana has been a healer for over 20 years and studied Herbal Studies at Tai Sophia, Holistic Healing (apprenticeship with Dr Gerald Douglass, Natural Medicine)  , Natural Birthing and Nursing (Bradley Method Teacher), Reiki and more. She has been a Natural Birthing Advocate and Spiritual Healing Coach for over 10 years and represented many people in need.
Her purpose and concentration has been to uplift women on a collective level to their ultimate power through the creations of her personal healing modality which encompass all her vast experience, wisdom and knowledge.
She is a fifth generation Healer and Intuit and have been blessed with many gifts, to include but not limited to The Gift of Compassion, Empathy, Site, Visions, Dreams and more. She has also been an Intuitive Empath since birth.
Her gifts have afforded her the opportunity to help people to their purpose, help them intuitively follow their path, and motivate them to recognize there own power. She helps persons, especially women, world wide.
Her latest achievements have been becoming the President of the AMERICAN HERBALIST GUILD, Washington DC/Maryland/Virginia Chapter, Incorporating Graceful Healing Retreat, Motivational Speaking, and the opening of her Herbal|Crystal|CBD|Spirituality Store. She has also grown her Ministry through the HP Marlana YouTube channel.

Olivia MacMillan, Retail Consultant & Buyer

Olivia MacMillan, CA, CCH is a clinical aromatherapist, a certified crystal healer, kitchen herbalist, and tea snob as well as the owner of Livvy’s Alchemy and a retail business consultant. 

Olivia honed her gift and passion for teaching by helping her students at her numerous classes at Smile Herb Shop attain understanding. Her key to success on teaching is to meet her students where they are on their journey and point them in the direction they want to go with clarity and purpose. Some of Olivia’s favorite classes to teach are Essential Oils for Beginners, Crystal Healing for Beginners, Everyday Use for Crystal Grids and Energetics and the Soul of Essential Oils.

Her latest pursuits are in continuing to teach about crystals and aromatherapy, selling unique specimen crystal pieces with her husband, Dan, and creating personal aromatherapy remedies and crystal “prescriptions” for her one-on-one clients.

In her spare time, Olivia enjoys formulating skin care preparations and botanical perfumes for small businesses and not-so-small companies. She is dedicated to serving God through her work with the music ministry at her church. She and Dan are avid bibliophiles and they often spent their couple-time enjoying reading, watching documentaries, and playing boardgames.