Black Walnut Hull Powder


Black Walnut Hull, Powdered | Juglans nigra

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Black Walnut Hull, powdered | Julgans nigra

Grown and Harvested in USA


Anti-Parasite | Anti-Fungal | Digestive Aid

Black Walnuts, the Black Walnut Tree, and Black Walnut Hull have been important players in herbalism, gardening, beauty, and culinary arts for centuries. Although also helpful as a dye and source of omega 3 fatty acids, Black Walnut Hull is most notably used as an anti-parasitic digestive aid. Its key ingredient — juglone — that acts as a natural herbicide in gardens, helps reduce parasitic and fungal infections in the body. *


* Information sourced from Mountain Rose Herbs, Starwest Botanicals, and Gaia Herbs

Sold by the Ounce

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