1 Sample K-Cup

12.5 MG of Hemp

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Product Description

Lift the morning haze with this medium roasted, full aroma Hawaiian Kona Blend. Each sip brewed from the convenient K-Cup features exotic undertones enhanced with hazelnut flavor with the added benefits of Heneplex™ is designed to deliver the taste of the Hawaiian islands right to your kitchen!


Suggested Use

Fill the water reservoir of Keurig coffee maker (if necessary).

Insert K-Cup® into the front/top of the machine.

Place coffee mug or cup on the tray at the bottom center.

Choose mug size (if coffee maker provides this option).

Press “Brew” button to start brewing coffee.

Open coffee chamber and remove used K-Cup®.

Enjoy a freshly-brewed, single serving.

Caution Statement

Consume responsibly : Not recommended for children, people sensitive to caffeine, pregnant women or women who are nursing.

Key Ingriedients

Arabica coffee grounds, Heneplex hemp complex, natural flavors.