$333 Spiritual Coaching

The goal with spiritual coaching is to find peace, harmony, happiness and joy. A Spiritual Coach inspires the client to focus on his/her own emotions and “inner voice” to fulfill the client’s personal needs.

The client will learn to see things from a new perspective, and will be able to deal with his/her feelings, needs and desires in a new way in order to find clarity, peace and harmony. From this place of inner peace, positive and ”real” changes will start manifesting.

Reach your full potential and find true happiness with Spiritual Coaching


This is 3 (1hr) Sessions

The Spiritual coaching consists of Readings, Meditation, Rituals,  Prayers, Reiki Healing and more. All, to bring you into oneness with your own Power.

Each session is tailored to each individuals needs.

Please Email (Gracefulhealingretreat@gmail.com) for Availability, before Purchase. Then, we will determine the best times and I will set up 3 dates for your specific purchase.