$333 GIFTED GODDESS 30 Day Spiritual Coaching and Initiation


High Priestess Marlana gives one-on-one persoanl teaching that helps to elevate you to your unique gifts and power.

The goal with HP Marlana’s spiritual coaching is to find your inner Voice, Gifts, and Balance with peace. She inspires the client to focus on his/her own emotions and “inner knowing” to assist in becoming confident in your spiritual growth.

The client will learn to see things from a new perspective, and will be able to step into her innate power to find clarity, peace and balance. From this place of inner peace, positive and ”real” changes will continue to manifest in your life.

Each 30 day Giftes Goddess Session will bring forth a new Gift. We will work on your gift and remain available between each session for clarity and additional healing. Its like having your own personal guide to assist you with your gifts and help you through your next level of Awakening.

Reach your full potential and find true clarity with Spiritual Coaching by High Priestess Marlana

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The Spirtual Coaching includes:

– 3 Video/Phone 1-1.5hr Sessions

– Angle Energy Clearings

– Personal from your Spirit Guides Affirmations

– Remote Reiki Session

– GODDESS INITIATION and KIT (goddess candles, honey bath, crystals and more)

– Crystal Clearing Adjustments (in person sessions only)

The Spiritual coaching consists of Readings, Meditation, Rituals,  Prayers, Reiki Healing and more. All, to bring you into oneness with your own Power.

Each session is tailored to each individuals needs.


Please Email High Priestess Marlana([email protected]) for Availability. We will set up 5 appointments.

Each 30 day session will bring forth a new gift.

We suggest no more then 4 Gifted Goddess sessions a year.